As you may have seen, we make a difference in the products we offer and our terms and conditions between consumers and business customers. 
We have done this because certain products in our range are solely mend for selling to companies.
This has to do with the nature of the product and, moreover, that in the case of used and NOS products that these are not margin goods, but VAT goods. Additionally, for sales to companies the "right of withdrawal" law does not apply, so we can take less additional estimated costs in account and offer these products against cheaper prices.

Furthermore, a business customer can in many cases also choose to buy products without warranty, at a reduced rate. This could be particularly useful with products that are purchased with the aim to have it on reserve / stock, in order to solve an immediate (technical) problem. Often, these products remain so long on stock, that by the time they are put into use, the official warranty has already expired and why would you pay for something, of which the chances are almost non existent that you will use it. Products without warranty always will still have the "money back guarantee". However, it is recommended to test the product first before placing it in stock because this warranty expires within two weeks of receipt of the product.

The difference in the offered products between corporate and consumer goods is quite easy to recognize.

A product that as well can be ordered by a consumer, shows a direct order button as below, if you are not logged in or logged in as a consumer;

A product that can only be ordered by a business customer, shows a button as below, if you are not logged in or logged in as a consumer;

For already registered business customers, this button will change to a standard order button after logging in. So whenever you want to buy such a products as  a business customer, you will to register first. Main fields of this registration, are the company name and VAT number fields. These will be verified by our system for validity and if approved you will be divided into the business client group.

Bidding on lots is also reserved solely for business customers. We will therefore only takes bids on lots from corporate customers into consideration.

If there are any questions or problems, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.