Our assortment of products is partly aimed at the business market and partly at the consumer market. We have separated the availability of the products; products for the corporate market can only be purchased by business customers with a valid VAT number. Only after our system has verified the data during your registration and you've been moved to the corporate client group, you can order these products through our website. 

In which condition a particular product is, will be always shown at the individual product page. Furthermore, there is possibility to sort products in a certain condition in a category but also of all the products. In the first case, you can sort on condition right above the products in a category, and in the second case you can use the menu item "Condition" at the left. None of the products purchased by us are directly resold. They first will get a thorough inspection and will be repaired if necessary and / or fitted with new parts. Nothing is offered on our website, without us being convinced of the products quality. We also give a warranty on this, for more information please click here, or go to the menu item "warranty" under "information". We only have one piece available of the majority of used products. Please keep in mind if you are interested in a particular product; that there is a possibility that another person can buy it just before you do. We are always open for questions and to give you advice, do not hesitate to contact us.